Why Submit?

Artists love RAW because we are more than just an event; RAW is a worldwide community.

We believe creativity solves problems, large and small. We believe we’re stronger together than we are apart. Communities and networks coming together provide a better basis for success than what we can garner independently.

Each of our RAW artists receive several perks when joining our network. Including, but not limited to:
RAW Showcase

“Smoothest show I've ever been a part of. Very respectful and friendly staff. You guys are amazing.”

- RAW:Spokane Musician, Cary Hays

A New Audience. Each showcase event is a great opportunity to network and gain exposure with individuals who might not have seen your work otherwise. The networking opportunities are limitless.

We’re Global. We’re international, which means that each artist has a trusted platform in 70+ cities around the world. Want to showcase in Sydney? Montreal? Brooklyn? We have a community there (and 67+ more cities)!

Web Presence. Each RAW artist receives a profile on our website (exclusive for our RAW artists only). You can upload music, pictures, video and other portfolio or social links etc.

Sales. On average, RAW artists report an approximate total of $10k+ in merch, accessories and art sales per showcase. RAW takes 0% commission (none, nothing, silch) from our artists. Our RAW artists keep 100% of what they sell (data from U.S showcases only).

Professional Photos. Each RAW artist receives two types of photos for their portfolio, website or social media. First, professional headshots of each artist (this is a must have when representing yourself professionally). Second, RAW artists recieve photos of themselves in action! Models on the Runway, live performance, vendor booths or display.

Free Entry. As a RAW artist you get FREE entry into any and every RAW showcase for life.

Gigs & Discounts. When logged into the RAW website, RAW artists have access to our RAWards Program (currently under construction). RAWards are vetted, awesome opportunities, gigs and discounts exclusively for our RAW artists!

Experience. RAW provides a rich experience in showcasing, branding, marketing and self-promotion. Each RAW artist is paired with an Artist Experience Director who’s full-time job is to ensure a successful showcase for our artists.

Education. RAW Artists have access to online educational tools and resources to help build their career and knowledge. These are accessible to RAW artists indefinitely. These materials are also updated and added frequently.

Tours. Once a RAW artist completes their first RAW showcase and fulfills their ticket commitment in their home city (or first showcase city), they earn another showcase with no ticket commitment; as long as it’s outside of their state*. We want to encourage our artists to showcase in new communities.

Money. RAW Artists earn $10 on every ticket they sell after the full 20 ticket commitment is fulfilled. We’ve paid artists over $500k+ (since Fall 2016) through our RAW Artists Promotions Program (U.S & CAN only)

Big Gigs. As a RAW artist you are automatically eligible for opportunities that might come across our desk! RAW has an agency arm of our organization, FOUND agency http://found.agency/. We put artists to work for big creative corporate projects. Anything from murals, to big photoshoots and more. Only RAW artists are contacted for this gigs (U.S only, for now).

*There are exceptions to this in certain states.
Note: In some larger populated cities there is a waiting list to participate in a Tour Incentive Showcase. Terms and conditions do apply to this perk.

RAW Showcase

“My first show as a RAWArtist was amazing... they went above and beyond to make sure my show went great!”

– Takiara Bullock, Fashion, Hollywood, CA

RAW Showcase

“Everything went well from the production, to the people, and the artists as well.”

– Emily Deechaleune, Artist, Boston, MA

How it works

We produce showcase events through an innovative (and now popular) method: crowdfunding. Each artist commits to selling 20 tickets to the showcase event. The tickets cover costs of production and our insanely dedicated staff. By joining together we can accomplish more, provide more opportunity, and unite as a community. If all 20 tickets are sold, an artist pays nothing to RAW for the showcase.

The process

RAW Artists are either selected by one of our Curation Specialists or apply through our website. After review and approval, artists are invited to participate in a collaborative and crowdfunded showcase in their local community. Together we form a one-night mini festival of artistic expression.