Hello! We are RAW.

Every day we wake up to build RAW to be the greatest arts organization in the world.

RAW:natural born artists (or RAW Artists for short) is an international, independent arts organization focused on aiding independent artists by giving them the tools, resources, education and exposure they’ll need to propel forward in their creative careers. Serving in 70 cities worldwide (and counting), we have been fulfilling our mission by hand-picking and spotlighting artists in showcase events since 2009.

We bring art to people, and people to art. Not solely through our showcases, but also by way of our online community. Here artists can connect with each other, self-educate and share their current works.

RAW is a unique organization because we don’t focus on just one area of creativity. Instead, RAW encapsulates 10 different creative categories: film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, beauty, accessories, photography, craft, and technology. Our alternative platform provides an opportunity for emerging creatives to be seen, heard and loved both on and offline.

RAW Executive
Heidi Luerra

Founder & CEO

"We believe that creativity can change the world and that incubating that idea is the most important thing we can do with our time and energy."


RAW Executive
Matthew Klahorst


RAW Executive
Kristen Wehlow

Director of Australia

RAW Executive
Michelle Bylow

Director of Canadian Events


RAW Executive
Kim Powell

Human Resources Coordinator

RAW Executive
Milla Istomina

U.S Curation Department Lead

RAW Executive
Eddie Castuera

U.S Booking Department Lead

RAW Executive
David Madrid

Artist & Patron Support

RAW Executive
Jaden Brodie

Marketing Manager

Our RAW History


Fresh out of high school and new to Los Angeles, small-town NorCal native, Heidi Luerra starts a clothing line. As she tries her best to market and sell her collection of interchangeable trim tops she quickly realizes that there is no outlet that fits her needs.

Tired of setting up at swap meets, she dreams up a creative event that could gain attention for underground artists of all stripes.

RAW History


A couple years later she rallies some talented friends, who each pitch in a bit of money and a whole lot of heart.

In 2005 Heidi hosts her first fashion, music and arts showcase to a packed house.

Though she didn't see anything beyond the first showcase, the hunger for the opportunity was real. A few years and a handful of showcases later she realizes that helping artists is her calling. She lays her clothing line to rest to build the platform she wishes she had when she was starting out.

RAW History


RAW opens its doors for the first time in Downtown Los Angeles. The showcase features one artist per creative category in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performance art, hairstyling, makeup artistry, and accessories.

Matthew Klahorst, a local web developer is in attendance at the first event. He has some bright ideas on creating an online platform for artists. Chatting over the following months revealed that Heidi & Matt make a good team. They decide to combine their efforts, merging both an online & offline community for artists.

By the end of the year, RAW is hosting showcases in Orange County, Santa Monica & Hollywood on a monthly basis.

RAW History


The RAW team decides to try their hand at launching the platform further from home in San Francisco & San Diego. After being well received in both new cities, the RAW team thinks even bigger and plans for a nationwide launch in 17 additional cities. Why shouldn’t the whole nation of artists have an opportunity to be seen, heard & loved?

In December 2010, the RAW team packs up a rental van and drives across the country to meet indie artists and introduce RAW to each new community from coast to coast.

They also film a [really embarrassing] documentary about it, called RAWcross America. No need to look it up.

RAW History


From a small sublet office in Orange County, deemed RAW Headquarters, RAW's now team of 3 opens doors in 17 major metropolitan cities across the United States.

RAW launches the Tour Incentive Program, allowing artists to travel within the RAW network and perform or present in a city outside of their hometown without a ticket requirement.

RAW History


After an inquiry from Aussie Kristen Wehlow, an art lover and event producer from Brisbane, Queensland, pops up on RAW's Facebook page, the RAW team begins chatting logistics about bringing the new concept down under!

In the summer of 2012, RAW Australia opens its doors for the first time to a sold out showcase. Today, RAW Australia has an office in Sydney, led by the same FB messenger, Kristen Wehlow. RAW Australia hosts showcases in 10 cities across the country.

RAW introduces the RAWdio podcast, an online forum where RAW artists are interviewed about their creative journeys and upcoming showcases.

Hosted by Jesse F. Daniels, the podcast produces hundreds of episodes. Later, RAWdio evolves into a 24-hour music streaming service and most recently, the Spotlight Spotify Playlist features RAW musicians from around the world.

RAW History


RAW continues to bring the RAW mission to more U.S. cities and tops the year with 32 showcase locations. RAW also reaches a new milestone of 50,000 artists in the RAW community around the globe!

RAW launches in Vancouver, BC & Montréal, QE taking the organization into Canada for the first time. Today, Canada hosts showcases in over 10 Canadian cities and is led by Michelle Bylow,a fashion designer and former gallery owner.

As if that weren't enough for the year, RAW moves out of their O.C. sublet and back to the city where it all started, DTLA! They pick up the keys to their first official solo office and hire 10 new RAW family members, making them a team of 15.


RAW reaches 50 cities across the United States, Canada & Australia, making it the largest independent arts organization in the world!

RAW History


RAW starts FOUND Agency to connect RAW artists with large-scale creative projects. FOUND connects RAW artists with paying gigs and opportunities in the corporate world to further their careers. Presently, FOUND Agency has helped create murals, custom artwork, events and photo shoots for corporate clients nationwide.

RAW History


Lead by Nick Night, the RAW Film Festival is born in Echo Park, showcasing independent filmmaker shorts inspired by Los Angeles & beyond.

RAW introduces the RAW Artist Promotions Program allowing artists to earn money by going above and beyond when promoting their showcase event. In the past 3-ish years, RAW has paid independent artists $500k and counting!

RAW History


RAW is officially open as a platform for emerging artists in 70 cities around the world!

RAW History


RAW launches Industry Exchange, a monthly live stream on social media that helps educate artists about the business side of their work.

RAW launches in Mexico City for the first time, led by native actor and art enthusiast, Jose Cuervo.


During the past decade, over 200k artists have become part of the RAW family and over half a million art supporters have walked through RAW showcase doors. RAW has produced over 1,500 showcases in 80+ parts of the globe with countless opportunities, connections and sales made.

The RAW team is now global with offices in downtown Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto & Mexico City.
The RAW family is made up of over 80 team members internationally who work full time on RAW’s mission: to provide tools, resources, exposure & education for artists everywhere.

The organization is still lead by Heidi Luerra as the CEO & Matthew Klahorst the CTO.

We believe we’re stronger together than we are apart. Communities and networks coming together provide a better basis for success than what we can garner independently.

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