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Craft – New York - NYC, NY

I am a professional Creator of Art, using glass as my medium to create sculptures, wall hangings, and mobiles that can be installed in homes, commercial spaces, galleries and museums. I also create lovely glass jewelry that can be worn either as day or evening wear, plus vases, candle holders, platters, garden accents, and architectural glass accents for kitchens and bathrooms. All these can enhance any home or work space. As an artist I have the versatility of designing large pieces and very small pieces. My designs have included 10 x 12 feet mobiles to 6 x 10 inch sculptures, which still retain the integrity of all design elements. Fused glass is the main component of the art work with the occasional use of wood and metal within the pieces. The wonderful physical property of glass, transparent vs. opaque, allows me to play with the illusion of space and depth and the constant play of positive and negative spaces. This causes a magical flow within the glass, which represents fun, playfulness, and the spiritual energy of nature. ...more

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Showcasing in New York - NYC, NY

PREMIERE at Melrose Ballroom (21+) – Jan 29, 2020 @7:00PM