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Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Three years ago I was depressed and sad, I was in a funk that followed me around like my shadow. I decided that I needed to reevaluate my life, and so I decided to stop drinking alcohol so that I could clear my head. Not having the distraction of drinking, happy hours and girls nights left me dull and listless. I felt alone and uninspired. So, I turned to the one thing that I had always been passionate about; writing. My passion has always been writing, so I started a blog to document my journey, and also to see if other women that were empty nesters were feeling the same way that I was. I poured my heart out in my weekly blog in hopes of connecting and feeling better. I decided to talk about my blog on Instagram, and through this, since I needed a picture to post, I started to rediscover my love of drawing and painting women. I posted them to Instagram, and much to my surprise people wanted to buy them. My art comes with a message, and that is that women are all born Queens, but somewhere in the hustle and busyness of life we forget that. We give away our power and energy so freely that no one values it, not even us. I started to realize that the reason I was so sad and depressed wasn't because everyone had forgotten about me as they grew up and moved out, it was because I had forgotten about myself! Slowly but surely, day by day, I took small steps towards reclaiming myself, it felt so good that I wanted to pass the good feeling along and share my art and my story. ...more